JPz Records 2015!!

What’s up, JPz Records fans! Sorry for no updates since the 4th Fundraising Event for 2015. During December 2014, JPz Records encountered a massive server problem, which prohibited admins to post any new updates, posts, or editing. This is a little blame on JPz Records’s server provider. Now the problem has been resolved! JPz Records has moved back to DA’s server, special thanks to our old friend, Largo.

As for the participants of JPz Records’s 4th Fundraising Event for 2015, we would like to thank you all for humbly donating during the event. We also want to congratulate Marianimegirl! An email notification has been sent to notify you regarding the event prize.

Now that it’s 2015, JPz Records is excited for its 7th Year Anniversary! Which means, there will be an awesome surprise for our awesome fans! For the meantime, enjoy this funny video I found and stay tuned here in JPz Records 2015!!

JPz Records God,
Enosioph Leviticus

JPz Records Latest Updates
Yuna Ito Discography
^NANA Movie Original Soundtrack
^Stuck on You
^NANA 2 Movie Original Soundtrack
^I’m Here
^Laid Back
^Tribute to Celine Dion
^Urban Mermaid
^Miss You
^恋は Groovy×2
^Trust You
^Trust You (Gundam 00 Version)
^GATE -A True Story- Original Soundtrack
^Let It Go
^LOVE ~Singles Best 2005-2010~
‘Mashup-Germany’ Mashup Collection
^Top of the Pops 2014 (Days and Nights)
^1Live Krone Mashley 2014
‘DJ Earworm’ Mashup Collection
^Believe Somebody
^L’eau De Rose
^Promiscuous Lola
^Brazilian Diamonds
^Just Dance To New Order
^Heartless (In a Bottle)
^My Life Would Suck Without You In My Place
^Free At Night
^Heart TV Mashup
^Summermash ’14
^United State of Pop 2014

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