JPz Records in Jeopardy

It’s been a while, JPz Records fans! Did you miss me? I bet you guys did. Half of the year we’ve been almost dead due to inactivities this year. Does that mean JPz Records is dead? Well, if we were really dead, the website would be down already. Though, we humbly apologize for the lack of manpower in re-uploading dead links… But we are in a crisis, and it might/will put the website in jeopardy. It’s cuz all this time, the website is been paid monthly, and the funds are running dry. You can help! By simply DONATING!!

On July, we’ll be having an unofficial fundraising again. This will decide if JPz Records is still worth preserving or not. It’s all up to the up-and-coming people who visit this site. By August, I will personally confirm the news. If we do reach our goal, JPz Records will release a super rare Single, not found/purchased online.

Island Days The Nintendo DS Game Opening Single bundled by pre-ordering the game.

If you want it, take it yours! JPz Records is at the edge and its fate will be decided by your actions! For more updates, stay tuned!

JPz Records God,
Enosioph Leviticus

July 1 Update
JPz Records’s July Fundraising starts now!! Start donating! Whatever amount of donation we receive will determine the webpage’s fate. Thank you in advance!

JPz Records Latest Updates
Gundam Singles History
Gundam Singles History II
Gundam Singles History III

Nami Tamaki – Vivid Telepathy

[QWCE-00006] オカマ de マプーカ / YAMBOO (mp3 320k+Scans)
[QWCE-00400] Contrast / まじ娘 (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00410] ACTORS -Deluxe Duet Edition- (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00411] EXIT TUNES ACADEMY BEST 4 (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00425] KRAD MATRiX / kradness (限定盤) (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00426] KRAD MATRiX / kradness (通常盤) (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00428] EXIT TUNES PRESENTS THE BEST OF GUMI from Megpoid (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00431] 罪と罰 / Xceon (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00433] み -GLUTAMINE BEST- (初回限定盤) (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00434] み -GLUTAMINE BEST- (通常盤) (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00436] EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalofantasy feat. 初音ミク (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00440] IMITATION GALLERY / かいりきベア (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00441] #IVPB~イケメンボイスパラダイスベスト~ (mp3 320k+Scans)
[QWCE-00442] Re:set -The Best of Ryo-kun- (限定盤) (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00443] Re:set -The Best of Ryo-kun- (通常盤) (mp3 320k) (Bonus Track Missing)
[QWCE-00444] EXIT TUNES PRESENTS ACTORS3 (限定盤) (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00445] EXIT TUNES PRESENTS ACTORS3 (通常盤) (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00446] ブームインダストリー / 灯油 (A盤) (mp3 320k) (Bonus Tracks Missing)
[QWCE-00447] ブームインダストリー / 灯油 (B盤) (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00450] Let’s Do It Again!! / kors k (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00452] FlyME project『DRINK ME』 (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00453] FlyME project 『MEDICODE』 (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00461] かえりみち / kain (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00462] EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Entrance Dream Music (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00463] MAYU LOVES -First- (mp3 320k)
‘Mirmo Zibang!’ Music Collection
^Pretty Cake Magic

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